Friday, April 8, 2011


i entered an interior design competition late last year (but didn't win) and my living room is now featured in their online gallery of twelve stand-outs!!  what a lovely little surprise to wake up to :) 
in retrospect, i can see that i probably should have gone all out and painted the icky walls (especially seeing as the competition was a collaboration between Inside Out and Wattyl paints). i'd love to paint the walls regardless...maybe a nice porcelain so almost anything could work against them, dealing with this off-white can prove discouraging... 

"Art in a fireplace? Taking a cue from the rebellious wild-child film poster, this entrant shows that some decorative rules are meant to be broken." - Richard Waller, editor, Inside Out magazine

p.s. i also posted my whole living room here. if this image tickles your fancy- check it out!

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