Tuesday, August 16, 2011

art mini.

i'm a huge fan of little kid art. i love the end of the term at the schools that i coach at when the little girls have to bring all of their artwork home and i usually try and get them to pawn some of it off onto me. i've collected a few good pieces over the years. this adorable eiffel tower reminded me of the day earlier in the year i went to go see Bev MacInnes at her shop Remnant House in Sydney. this little girl named Zoe came up to me because i had a notebook and pen and told me, 'i can draw a bunny'. a girl after my own heart! i handed over the drawing utensils and then proceeded to challenge her to draw other animals as long as i had her attention. unfortunately i can't find a scanned version of the famous bunny, but i do have the cat and elephant- cute!

this note is pretty funny too:

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