Wednesday, November 9, 2011


i can't get over how much fun i had yesterday at my little one on one workshop at shibori headquarters. i used proper indigo dye for the first time and was so surprised by how much of a process is involved (oh and the smell- peeeeyoo!). the dye was incredible and rich, luminescent actually. it really looked like some sort of thick magic swamp; almost alive. indigo initially dyes the fabric a vibrant lime green and then when you take it out of the vat and let it oxidise in the open air it goes that deep blue. simply incredible. i tried so many new techniques and now my mind is stewing over new ways i can manipulate the fabric and what wonderful things are yet to be created. thank you so much to pepa martin! seriously, how lucky am i?? best day after my birthday, but still actual birthday in canada ever!
if you're in sydney, you can sign up to join in on the fun at one of the upcoming shibori workshops!

see the bright green? crazy!

and the fabric is green. you can also see a 'crust' formed on top of the dye; that is key to getting the most out of your dye, so be careful to only agitate as little as possible:

it is actually glowing! reminds me of that strange petrol-like layer on the surface of pastrami, no?

ta da! and there are more finished to come.

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  1. love the 'cross'! Would make a fabulous cushion! xx


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