Thursday, January 26, 2012


i was scrolling through my good friend tiffany wollman's blog yesterday and found so many little treats that i wanted to share with you. her art and design talents are so diverse, you should really check out more for yourself too!

first of all i looovvvveeeedddd her confetti system-esque garland she made out of old grocery bags (!). makes me wish i had handmade the ones i spent tons of money on used for my birthday...

then...i thought these glowing lilies were stunning:

i love how this typography project turned out:

and this line drawing of her kitchen made me smile (and also reminded me of my own interior illustrations, that are hardly comparable in quality, but still...):

next will be to show you the amazing and colourful pieces i picked up from her sunshine property collection and am so stoked to have in my home!!!

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