Sunday, August 26, 2012

::::Storm Surfers 3D::::

okay, so all that daydreaming (see most recent posts) has become a reality!!!! i am going on a grand adventure that will take me to ALL of those places next month!!!!

the reason being is that my beautiful boyfriend has made a stunning, groundbreaking 3D documentary- Storm Surfers 3D- that will be a part of the official selection at the much revered Toronto International Film Festival this september. W O W. it will then be screened as part of the San Sebastian Festival in Spain. this is a truly beautiful film that i am so honoured to have had a such a close part of (*i did the styling of the headquarters). it really needs to be seen in 3D to be fully experienced and completely wash over you properly- fingers crossed you will all soon be able to see it on a big screen near you!!!

as for me...i will be following it to Toronto, first with a stop in Vancouver to see my family (lucky me!), then Paris, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Marrakech (Essaouira and the Sahara) & Hong Kong. i cannot wait!!!


  1. LOVE! I just watched the trailer and am really excited for you guys!

  2. thanks carrie!!! i hope you get a chance to see it!! xx

  3. I would love to!! I even researched the Spanish festival but it's too far for me to be able to make it on a Friday. :( You'll have to keep me updated about European showings!


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