Friday, March 25, 2011

before and after.

good morning!  it's 'before and after' day over at design sponge, which has inspired me to show you one of my little before and after projects. i found this beautiful little wardrobe on the side of the road in paddington (get this- as i was dropping off my old drawers to someone who bought them off me on craigslist. my plan was to make space for a wardrobe i had yet to find. and there she was just waiting for me!!! note: it came complete with skeleton key. :::gasp:::).  i took her home, shined her up a bit, gave her new glass knobs and bedazzled the inside. what do you think??

p.s. pictures don't really show much of the before (i.e. the inside was just a plain unfinished wood)...hadn't really anticipated showcasing the changes i made, but you get the idea.

how i found her:

after a little dusting and shiny new knobs:

the best part:

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