Thursday, March 10, 2011

the high life.

just to reiterate, when i started this blog i wanted to try and showcase the homes of people who were not influenced by of the moment design and who styled their homes with heart, filled with the things they love. i have deviated a bit (and i like it), but for this post i will try and get back to my original cus. this past canadian summer i visited my beautiful aunt and cousins in victoria, BC on vancouver island. she lives in a spacious apartment in a really cool area of town with a stunning view. a lot of her decor is made up of artwork made by family members, old photos- originals pinned up, blown up or otherwise, handmade items and travel memorabilia. just the way i like it.

my mom recovered that little bench earlier this summer!

this might be my favourite little curious corner. my uncle used to make all sorts of these clay figures and i just love the drum as a plant stand.

tigerlilies - a prairie favourite.

my cousin's work.

you don't see work like this up everyday! reminds me of Phoebe's art from Friends or something from District 9 (thought i haven't seen it…).

gorgeous, thick textile from Fiji.

i zoomed in on this photo because i love it! how great are cartwheels on the beach?!

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