Sunday, January 9, 2011

the humble home.

though i'm sure i'll stray, i'd really like to try and focus my blog around the homes of real, average, everyday wonderful people.  many of the interiors i admire online or in books often end up belonging to relatively well-known or impressively wealthy people.  this of course is not true for every home feature ever, but i guess i'm trying to bring to light the decorating quirks of the people who don't have chevron patterned hardwood floors,  free standing clawfoot tubs or enough room in their kitchen to house an island with butcher's block.  these people may or not be able to afford mexican suzanis, moroccan poufes and zebra skin rugs...or maybe they just don't like that sort of thing.  not everyone reads magazines, collects  coffee table books on design or has twenty pages on the subject bookmarked on their macbook.  some of these people have decorated their homes without any ideas of trends-direct from the heart and their own fanciful whims- i want to showcase their style!

here is more from aunt's house:

 i have always loved this lino.  it looks like little pastel-coloured pieces of paper cut up into squares and thrown like confetti to land where they may.

 and she doesn't even drink tea!

good ol' kitchen witch!

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