Tuesday, May 29, 2012

dark shadows.

okay, so while i'm on this movie kick, i should mention how much i LOVED Dark Shadows. so good, i would see it again in the theatre. the cinematography and art direction had me at hello. sometimes that's all i need to enjoy a film, but this was a raucous comedy with an entertaining story as well. the whole shebang for me. eva green and johnny depp delight, while michelle pfieffer had me at the salon getting a nude 70's glam manicure immediately thereafter. my favourite movie of the year so far. i should also note that i recently blubbered through The Descendants and thoroughly enjoyed the oscar nominated short Tanghi Argentiniwatch it, you'll coo too.

snow white and the huntsman.

this also looks great. i'm not a huge fan of action packed films, but the creamy, milky bit alone would get me to the theatre for this one. oh, and when her cape turns into blackbirds (ravens? crows?) in the forest too. looks highly entertaining. perfect for the north american summer. lucky you.

the great gatsby.

oof, this looks gooooooooodddddd. and Catherine Martin's art direction, production, set & costume design (think Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet, Australia...) never ceases to floor me. cannot waittttttt for this.

Monday, May 28, 2012


latest life updates via instagr.am

follow me @la_loba (wolf woman, rarrrgh!)  @little_nicki_

i got my second hand sewing machine fully serviced, ready for action:

i made some mexican inspired clutches:

a deep blue dye bath for some shibori projects:

somebody went to prince and brought me home a raaaasspberry beret. if it was warm *i wouldn't wear much more ;)

enjoying the sunshine in my new favourite sweater!!!:

hangin' with baby tom tom with the pom pom & his lush lashed mommy:

i was so busy prepping for the markets that i started to go a little cuckoo:

my market day:

my totem pole & vintage mexican tree of life (so happy i found this):

wearing a hand embroidered czech folk dress, my moccasins and my new favourite clutch:

the bougainvilleas this time of year are bloomin' beautiful:

rainy day, clear waters:

i liked the shadows this lamp was making:

and this one too:

i went to watch some elite gymnastics for the first time in years. Japan competed too!:

this necklace is the first of a few special ones i have made for my next market adventure. i will show you more this week:

i had a nap on the couch yesterday afternoon and sneakily got snapped:

window gazing on a clear day, but i've got a sore throat and sniffles:

i wore a tutu for my walk to the grocery store:

and picked up some sun-kissed oranges for a dose of vitamin c:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

hey, neighbour!

i thought it was kind of cool to stumble upon my neighbour Apples on the web today (thanks Joanna). though i have only met her a couple of times (and sidenote *: 3 of my favourite summer dresses i bought off of her on her side of the road sale), i wouldn't expect anything different from her casual, eclectic home. my favourite bit is the wrought iron bed...i still need to invest in one of those.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

natalia m.p

i'm not a huge 'coveteur' of jewellery. well, that is to say that i don't spend much thought or money on pieces ever. though i do have quite a beautiful and eclectic collection of costume jewellery, you know- just for fun. most bits have been found in thrift stores, on holiday or have been handmade by my mom (the jewellery making mermaid queen; has been since birth). today however, i am feeling rather desirous of any of these quirky, yet stunning treasures by australian jewellery/object designer natalia milosz-piekarska. i can't even decide which i would love to save my pennies for most.

these are a bit raw & the colours are so gorgeous:

these cat eyes are in my top picks:

simple, powerful engagement rings & wedding band:

i like the circle cut out one the best:

i think if i *had* to pick a favourite it would be these delicate stackable rings. i love how organic they are.  they remind me of little bits of nature or under the sea life.

ummm...sushi jewels??! yes, yes, yes...these are deliciously ridiculous and fun! 

these below aren't really my style, but are still super cute! they totally remind me of something my talented artist friend tiffany wollman would paint or make. no?

all from natalia m.p

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


my indigo dip-dyed (more like drop-dyed) in all their haphazard messy glory- fancy pants. ta da! do you love them like i love them?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

why i love japan: reason # 872

the little potted gardens all over the sidewalks of busy, busy japan are so simple & beautiful. they are guaranteed to make you slow down and smile amongst all the hustle. i NEED to get back there someday. le sigh.

i was so pleased to see that hello sandwich shared these instagram photos on her blog yesterday. she is a go-to for my daily tokyo fix. lucky lady.

Monday, May 21, 2012


'you need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star' - Nietzsche

try, try again.

the rain yesterday certainly put a damper on my market adventure, like really. my chin is up however; i will try again the next sunny weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2012

a version of home.

here are the mini teepees!! one is hand-dyed quite subtly with beetroot and the other is a rich indigo. they are the perfect off-centre addition to your mantel, dresser top, fridge top, kitchen table or even to fill an empty corner of your floor. i ball up a bunch of fairy lights in mine as a little pseudo bonfire ;)


here's my little raft loving it in the great outdoors. i'll have one of these with your name on it at the markets this sunday ;)

dream a little dream of me...

this photo is magical.

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