Friday, March 30, 2012

say my name.

i worked with super fun and super stylist mr. jason grant yesterday. he posted about our sunshiny day on his blog and it is just too sweet not to share. here i am hard at work ;)

ha ha, yep that's right. i'm always little nicki, just like to me, he is always MR. ;) (MJG for short). check out the rest of the post plus two handsome boys, here.

beth hoeckel.

reconnecting with collage & mixed media artist beth hoeckel and totally having a moment.  i think i've just pulled every image from her professional site to show to you; they are all so breathtaking.

above is the image that introduced me to beth hoeckel's work: indian summer

i think 'magic carpet' is my new favourite.

okay so i didn't actually show you everything from her site...this is just a taste of what moved me. you can check out more, here. enjoy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

talented stranger.

a very good friend i made while she was in australia for a year long adventure, has headed back the great white north. we decided to say goodbye with little handmade goodies for one another...and holy moly, lucky me- lookie what i got!

my very own Courtney Presber original, hooray! she is one skillful graphic designer and accomplished artist (obviously). you can check out more of her work on her website or spend an hour getting lost in her dark, emotive tumblr (TALENTED STRANGERS)'s colour-coded people, you will love it!

there's no doubt about it, 'A'.

last year i wrote a post brought to you by the letter 'A', just to showcase how often i find that letter popping up in interiors photography. and it just hasn't slowed down. here's the latest selection of the first letter of the alphabet displayed in interior styling since the last time:


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i spy a DIY ;)

after immediately falling for the artwork in the top lefthand corner of this room shot on design sponge this morning, i went straight to the making stuff and doing things website to see more. i'd like to make my own version of one of these:


and i'd like to note that before falling in love with the first image, this one had me at hello:
i love the chartreuse velvet chesterfield, yes i do!

Friday, March 23, 2012

before & after.

the other week i felt the itch to make some sort of change in my apartment...i rent, so i can't go to crazy, but i still wanted to do something grand. ...i can always paint the fireplace back when i move out, right?

inspired by these below images and my recent trip to mexico, i gave my brick fireplace an overhaul. i'm calling the paint colour 'hacienda pink' or 'hacienda rosa' if you will.

soooooo...what do you think???

here are some images for colour reference:

this above image is a photo my good friend took at a playground in playa del carmen the other week.

before (from this post):
in between:
 TA DA!!!! do you like?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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