Monday, August 29, 2011


i've been scouring through old posts labelled 'japan' on the Inside Out-Homelife blog. They have an amazing selection of posts titled 'postcard from japan' in which australian creatives chronicle their recent trips to japan and gush about their affinity for the country and why, whilst dishing insider details on where to go, what to see, eat, do, etc. amazing! through this i have enjoyed a couple of old favourites (ii-ne-kore & hello sandwich) and discovered upon a fold (cute!) and this book i simply must have:

beachy keen.

this rug reminds me of the second one from the bottom in this post of my rugs:
p.s. this surf shack is insane in the membrane.

the image below is of a different surfy space, but is still a winner. love the bedazzled guitar.
images via oracle fox

Sunday, August 28, 2011

hair inspiration.

unless my hair is super duper short, i never know what to do with it. before i cut it all off again, i want to grow it really, really long (like half way down my back) and then get a perm one last time.

i have a fringe so i'm wondering why my ponytail doesn't ever look like these lovely ladies'?

stevie is a constant source of inspiration and she is part of the reason why i spontaneously got a perm last november when i was in japan, remember it? also i saw a couple of japanese girls in the streets with super tight, adorable afros and wanted on that train!

below is the amazing and super cute hot stylist Sachiko who did my hair for me in harajuku. her hair colour and fringe in this photo is oh so great- i love it! i feel like she was some sort of tokyo 'it' girl or something, because every magazine i flipped through during the three (or more) long hours at the salon, she made an appearance in. beside her in this pic is a friend i met- das moth - i will never forget his non-discreet reaction to me saying i wanted to look like a poodle :::eyes popping out of head::: but he recommended Sachiko and i couldn't have been happier with the dramatic result. can't wait to do it again early next year when i go back! seriously sweet is she?!

months later, my locks have been a little lack-lustre. something along these lines (curlier on a good day).
wish i could pull of this incredible Rhiannon-era bouffant:

that is all.  thoughts?

Friday, August 26, 2011

cranes, again.

this time- jumbo size! i was very impressed with this installation of giant paper cranes spied while out and about last weekend.

if you don't know from the title of this post, that i have posted on paper cranes many times's why :)

to market, to market.

i was originally drawn to this image found at anthology's blog today because of the star cut-out (i'm obsessed with celestial objects and the cosmic world at the moment, but i also really just love the shape- star-shaped tambourine for christmas please. or a crescent moon one.  annnnyyyywaayyyy...). this is an image of Pia Jane Bijkerk's; who is intriguing in her own right. i'd love to know a bit more about her as well. oh, right, my point is that i scored a basket just like this one at the thrift store this week. i'm using it to house (some) of my a sweaters. i just need about 3 more...and bigger!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

shooting today.

today i was assisting the amazingly talented and lovely Lara Hutton on an interiors shoot for christmas (in august, i know, but now i'm actually kind of excited...). we were in this fabulous, old, run down, victorian 5-storey home. totally decrepit, totally incredible. i had a great day- can't wait for more tomorrow and most definitely cannot wait for the christmas issue of Inside Out magazine.

the best part was my dirty knees!

making connections.

the below post i did, made me think to share with you why i was inspired to do the drawing that i showed you in the first place. i studied this amazing south african artist William Kentridge at uni and based my drawing final on his work. although my perfume bottle was what i handed in, i did much experimentation beforehand and have always had a soft spot for this little robin.

check out some of William Kentridge's work, namely his will surely be impressed.

hi mom :)

she collects miniature perfume bottles...

design lovefest

this just reminded me of a drawing i did for university of my favourite perfume (can you guess which one it is by the bottle?)...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

under rug swept.

:::weeeooooo weeeoooo::: blatant copy alert!!  

i saw this post over at compai and was inspired to the same thing myself. i love my little rug collection, so why not show it off? can you guess which one is my all-time favourite? or which one do you think should be?

roadside distraction.

i drove all over this vast sydney landscape yesterday and only got lost once (my inner compass has been broken my whole life)...which brought me to this fence of flip-flops in the shapes of hearts...maybe i wasn't lost afterall?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

happy birthday juju!!

i hope you have a beautiful day (...already know you're having a great month).  i wish i could be there to celebrate with you! love you to itty bitty pieces x

Monday, August 22, 2011

patterns in nature.

small wonders.

i brought so many flowers home from shoots last week that i literally ran out of places to put them all. my absolute favourite vessel ended up being these teeny tiny old glass nabob food colouring jars that i have had around for forever. how sweet do they look?

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