Sunday, August 28, 2011

hair inspiration.

unless my hair is super duper short, i never know what to do with it. before i cut it all off again, i want to grow it really, really long (like half way down my back) and then get a perm one last time.

i have a fringe so i'm wondering why my ponytail doesn't ever look like these lovely ladies'?

stevie is a constant source of inspiration and she is part of the reason why i spontaneously got a perm last november when i was in japan, remember it? also i saw a couple of japanese girls in the streets with super tight, adorable afros and wanted on that train!

below is the amazing and super cute hot stylist Sachiko who did my hair for me in harajuku. her hair colour and fringe in this photo is oh so great- i love it! i feel like she was some sort of tokyo 'it' girl or something, because every magazine i flipped through during the three (or more) long hours at the salon, she made an appearance in. beside her in this pic is a friend i met- das moth - i will never forget his non-discreet reaction to me saying i wanted to look like a poodle :::eyes popping out of head::: but he recommended Sachiko and i couldn't have been happier with the dramatic result. can't wait to do it again early next year when i go back! seriously sweet is she?!

months later, my locks have been a little lack-lustre. something along these lines (curlier on a good day).
wish i could pull of this incredible Rhiannon-era bouffant:

that is all.  thoughts?

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