Monday, December 12, 2011

lost bunny found!

remember when i told you about the little girl zoe who drew me adorable pictures of animals...but i couldn't find the pan-ultimate and original cute little bunny??? i found it! deeelightful, no?

p.s. i told her i thought it needed a tail and she did not agree. pffft. what do i know about bunnies anyway?

hi mom!

this photo made me think of you- the ultimate prairie girl:

this one did too:

these two made me think of canada:

and these beautiful russian girls made me think of my dear friend, whom i miss greatly:
 sorry, sources unknown...

hair inspiration.4.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

nomad, the launch.

here are my few images from the launch of Sibella Court's latest book nomad last month...

below is my super friend and super stylist- lucy weight with her adorable son whom i once taught to fold a paper crane:

a whole new rue :)

the holiday issue of rue mag is out!!!  as's a goodie. and because 'tis the season, it is full of sparkle. here are some of my favourite sneak peeks. check the rest out for yourself...

below eye spy images from Sibella Court's book launch last month...i'll post my photos from it next:

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