Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i made this today.

for my baby nephew:

hair inspiration.5.

uh oh...just watched the way we were and i'm having a babs moment:

for good measure.

i thought this image of my mom's dresser top, captured her style quite aptly. i love her.

sorry for the short hiatus...i suppose i've had an uninspired week...

though if that were entirely true, i'm not sure where these images came from...

my friend wanted a rose gold nixon watch for her birthday, so i made her a cheeky (and cheap) version:
the hands move and everything ;)

my mom surprised me for valentine's day with a scent i love:

finally got a fishtail done for a karaoke birthday party. i loved it!

this is what i see out my window early most mornings:

i absolutely looovvvvvveeeee australian native flora and i believe gumnuts are my new favourite:

delicious banana ricotta hotcakes at bills:

i thought these four rainbow hued berries on a fallen twig were pretty special:

picasso won me over at his exhibition at the art gallery of nsw; incredible body of work:

my little pot plant brightening up the day:

ojos de dios i brought home from my trip to mexico:

Friday, February 17, 2012


thinking of you today, you little rascal! i love you xo

leo and diane dillon.

back when i had my first attempt (aside from elementary school) at a collage, i used imagery from a secondhand book i was drawn to solely by the cover. i hastily cut it up before checking who had illustrated it. months later i found another work that i could of sworn was by the same artist as well, but you can never be sure. last night i figured out who was behind these beautiful works of art (and that i was right about it being by the same artist). the husband and wife team who are credited as Leo and Diane Dillon have been illustrating together since the late 50's. if you search images of their work on google, the breadth of beauty and talent is incredible.

these northern, snowy, aurora borealis filled, geese imagery ones are my favourites:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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