Monday, February 13, 2012

another week in review via instagram (@ la_loba):

pink coconut water = delicious!

more gifted goodies from India, these are made by gypsies:

this is pretty much my backyard. cliffhanging in the sunshine last sunday:

my friend made me the beautiful blue toned zig zag bracelet, so i added it to my collection. along with a bright yellow beaded number from a folk artist in mexico:

above mentioned friend and her bouncing baby boy:

my kitchen table with some new mexican additions:

i made this beach bag (and i'm making more!):

i put a mini-basket on my mexican wire low rider for special deliveries:

i put up some artwork from a very special little boy (my nephew):

after a sparkling stunner of a day, the rain clouds came. this is the view from my bed:

so, i settled in. pure bliss:

1 comment:

  1. Love this post! Not just because my son is featured, but the rain clouds and the beer and book too. xo


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