Saturday, February 5, 2011

what a fruit loop!

my funny little sister got this clock as a going away gift when she moved for film school that has 12 different tiny picture frames in it for each hour.  we were trying to think of an extra creative way to fill it up- like a picture of two friends for 2 o'clock, our sweet dog sally for 1 o'clock, etc. then i said that she didn't have to put only photos that she could glue in little objects maybe?  thennnn...i mentioned cheerios.  as an idea for like 8 o'clock-8 perfect cheerios for breakfast time. well, she just took that idea and ran.  she immediately set up shop on her living room floor with her glue gun and box of cheerios and spent the rest of the night making her cheerio clock (it's not as easy as it looks/sounds). now for her, anytime is cheerio time.  just the way she likes it.

ta da!

on another note, i'm still not sure how i feel about this toy clock i saw on design sponge yesterday. it's interesting though! (the drawer knobs are a hoot- ha!).

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