Friday, February 4, 2011

her he(art) at (my) home.

just wanted to tell you about my amazingly artistic and smooshably sweet friend tiffany wollman.  when i was in canada this past summer i snapped up my 'night bugs' from her and they live happily in my hallway.   i was giddily surprised when i noticed all the glitter spattered on them and that they glow in the dark! wha?! yes!

ta da!

was totally coveting this one this summer as well. she has such a way with colour!
i would probably die to have this one!!  favourite, favourite. via tiffany wollman

and wait!  look what she did for her beautiful baby's room! (if you live in western canada and are expecting, she might do yours too!).  seriously, this is the best kiddo's room i have ever entered...

complete with a warhol banana.  it's never too early for a little art history!

1 comment:

  1. Good one - a pun, I believe, bless your he(art)!


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