Friday, February 4, 2011

here's looking at you, kid.

last year my cute little sister graduated from high school and moved to vancouver to go to film school. i went home this past summer to be a part of the packing, moving, u-hauling, road-tripping and most importantly-decorating- extravaganza! it was a really, really great time with family. here's the magic we worked on her one bedroom palace.
just moved out of home. jumping for joy- as you do.
 her cheerio clock!  more on that later, it deserves its own post.
willy the toucan. you're welcome ;)

 loved up elephants, cute.

this is Lafonda.  this photo made us laugh- 'Lafonda on a holiday'.  ha!
oh! the Ting. this is a print by the late Walasse Ting that i was given when i was much younger. we think it's pretty fancy and refer to it as 'the Ting'.


  1. Wow. I wish i kept this place cleaner i forgot how good it could look

  2. I can't wait to visit....this apartment looks so cute n cozy! -cyd


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