Thursday, February 10, 2011

he(art) at home.3.

this is a little bird lino print i did. i was originally inspired to do the drawing of the robin because they remind me of my childhood, growing up with my mom in our little house on the prairie. i must have done at least 30 different prints from the one block and have since given them away to many family members (lucky them- ha!). here are a few of them out and about.
this is a handpainted print. it's actually square, but i took the photo from a strange angle.
here she is at my mom's place, next to my favourite shelf of curious goodies.
this is one at my sister's place just as you walk in her front door.
and one at my aunt's house. i wasn't kidding that i passed them around the family! there are a couple more flying around too that i will hopefully get photos of someday.

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