Thursday, February 24, 2011

sticks, stones and bones.

last night i went to the first workshop at the society inc. the focus was on styling with sticks, stones and bones (Sibella's staples), though we did at times stray...(which was great). it ended up being a very intimate story swapping and question and answer hour (2 actually) with some design savvy women. i was certainly not disappointed. i truly learned a lot! only problem now being that i feel quite overwhelmed by her wealth of knowledge (and some of the other women's that were there) that i'm a bit put back in my place at the moment. the ease with which she makes beautiful arrangements and finds unique solutions to 'impossible' design questions was just...whoaaa...inspiring.

this was the mantle display she arranged for us:

her Annawili Highfield owl paper sculpture looming- wow. i contacted Annawili's people last year and they won't be getting back to me in regards to an order until this june!  busy lady!! all the more time to save i suppose.

letting myself out:

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