Wednesday, June 29, 2011

oh stella!

i've been quite into collage/mixed media lately and have been especially smitten with Stella McCartney's add campaigns...the cool kid who does them is a genius. look!

cover lover.

another favourite bedding situation. love the mismatched, muted, cozy perfection.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hi mom!

thinking of you x

p.s. have you seen pirates of the caribbean 4? the mermaid scenes are pretty nuts!

katelyn mooney- i'm over the mooney.

my attention this morning was drawn to the amazing photography work of katelyn mooney. i have a special adoration for her children's photos -check them out and tell me they're not the most whimsical wonders you've ever seen in your entire life. i pulled most of my favourites for this post, but phew! it's as if every image was more sweet and engaging than the next. i work with little girls on a daily basis (coaching gymnastics) and oddly enough i draw so much inspiration from them in regards to dress sense (very laissez faire and mismatched- ha!) and messy hair...gotta' love little ladies with rat's nests! anyway, when i saw these images today i was floored...katelyn is quite the artiste.

p.s. if you click to look at them in their original sized glory, you won't be mad about it :)

sparkly shoes, stars and polka-dots? annnddd face paint?  yes, please!

i love her bored, awkward expression.

editorial work (not kids):
this above one is for my momma, because she is a mermaid :)

and this one reminded me of this one of me a bit below, no?

Monday, June 27, 2011

almost forgot about sookie!

in honour of season 4 airing today in north america, i'd like to add the true blood interiors as a contender in my earlier post. i especially love gran's big ol' country house.

 bill's place has got a great velvet couch...

living in harmony.

this new york times story and interiors shoot is breathtaking.

check out more here

what's on the outside, inside the box.

a huge reason why i loooovvvveeee movies sometimes is because of the interiors. i'll watch an entire movie's background and would not be able to give you a synopsis afterwards but could still wholeheartedly say that i adored the film. my favourites (film and television) include: the edge of love (swoon city), beaches (bette midler's- see, i don't even know her character's name- boho bedroom/studio apartment), sex and the city (mostly carrie's apartment pre-makeover) and friends (i love, love, love friends for furniture, fashion and funniness...totally ahead of its time, i do believe). oh, and i was also a huge sucker for the humphrey's loft in gossip girl, a space that was completely catered to people like me thinking 'ooh it's so raw and artsy and it's in brooklyn and look at those entry doors and blah, blah'. and really, it's full of incredible artwork and ultra expensive designer furniture, while the real estate alone would be through the roof. yeah, the humphrey's are really doing it tough out there...right. anyway...what about you? any forever stand-out favourites?

the edge of love:

breakfast at tiffany's:

gossip girl:

sex and the city:

see? carrie's bedroom post-makeover is just a bit too polished for my loving.

friends (favourite!!):

 above images found on a googlefest

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