Tuesday, June 28, 2011

katelyn mooney- i'm over the mooney.

my attention this morning was drawn to the amazing photography work of katelyn mooney. i have a special adoration for her children's photos -check them out and tell me they're not the most whimsical wonders you've ever seen in your entire life. i pulled most of my favourites for this post, but phew! it's as if every image was more sweet and engaging than the next. i work with little girls on a daily basis (coaching gymnastics) and oddly enough i draw so much inspiration from them in regards to dress sense (very laissez faire and mismatched- ha!) and messy hair...gotta' love little ladies with rat's nests! anyway, when i saw these images today i was floored...katelyn is quite the artiste.

p.s. if you click to look at them in their original sized glory, you won't be mad about it :)

sparkly shoes, stars and polka-dots? annnddd face paint?  yes, please!

i love her bored, awkward expression.

editorial work (not kids):
this above one is for my momma, because she is a mermaid :)

and this one reminded me of this one of me a bit below, no?

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