Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I heart Antibes.


I haven't posted about my trip to the South of France yet, because it was TOO good!!  I just haven't even known where to start.  That all ends here, because I've decided to go with the beachside village of Antibes.  It was one of my favourite stops along the Côte D'Azur.  There was something quite quaint about it, with a slow and easy quality compared to some of the other bigger cities along the coast.  If you only have a day, all you need to pencil in is a trip to Picasso's studio turned museum (you immediately understand why he chose to call this place home. *keep in mind that the musée closes between 12-2pm) and then park yourself on the beach.  I would choose this spot above at Juan Les Pins; it was a gorgeous cove that was tucked away from the main coastal strip. I had the best baguette mixte (ham and cheese) of my trip in Antibes, so be sure to get yourself one of those too!

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