Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Project: creative gift wrapping.

For this weekend's project, I decided to add another creative gift wrap idea to this board on pinterest. Rorschach or ink blotting is such a simple way to make pretty wrapping paper for girls or boys, young and old. I stuck to three basic colours, but you can use any hued drawing ink you find at your local art store.  I used a clean glass dropper (from an old bottle of facial oil) to drop a little bit of ink into the centre of the paper.  This is just done on printer paper, which is easy to manipulate, but very messy!  Make sure you put down something under your work that can get ink allllll over it; your hands will get some colour action too (but it washes off!).  Once you've added your drops to the paper, fold it in half ink side in and smooth the ink out.  Open it up to reveal your pretty design!  You'll love it, I guarantee, and it's SO simple!

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