Friday, September 5, 2014

I heart San Remo.

While vacationing in the South of France, we popped over one Sunday to Italy for lunch- crazy, I know! We headed to the seaside town of San Remo, which was only about an hour from where we were staying in France- Eze Bord Du Mer.  It was amazing to watch the scenery change almost instantaneously as we crossed the border from France to Italy.  France was more manicured, clean and ritzy, whereas in Italy there seemed to be more farmland, clothes on the line, colourful buildings in muted tones; a little rough around the edges, just the way I like it.  We parked along the coast where all the kitsch little beach clubs are set up.  It was a dark and moody day, which I think almost added to the charm. I didn't catch the name of the place with the red and orange umbrellas, but I am aspiring to one day sit up on the little rooftop and look out to the Mediterranean.  I loved the colours of all the signage and the attention to detail- wrought iron gates in the shapes of clouds, sunshine (you'll see this motif a lot along the coast of France as well) and zig zagged waves? A ziga ziga ah! Because it wasn't exactly beach weather
we headed into town to get amongst the shops, the plants (oh my!) and the food - delizioso! The pastel painted town stole my heart and reminded me of an old fashioned movie set.  If you ever get there, check out the weekend markets and the chic shops in town.  Call ahead to book a beach bed/chair (una sedia a sdraio) in advance on a sunny day if you want to hang on the sand and be sure to taste the Ligurian cuisine with a gelato from Grom for dessert.  My favourite was black sesame, yum.

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