Thursday, July 28, 2011

happy birthday renee!

oh my goodness, okay, so i have this friend who is mega talented, ultra sweet, incredibly beautiful and so creative and amazing. she does things like instead of taking a photo of a freshly decorated space in her new apartment, she'll do a super cute drawing of it! yep, that's just the kind of girl she is. and it's her birthday today- hip, hip, hooray!  xoxo

see?! exhibit a:

holiday in spain.

i just adore this spanish holiday home posted over at desire to inspire today. such rustic charm and a calm atmosphere despite outrageous pops of colour. i'd stay here, si!

a mezzanine gets me everytime :)
these dining chairs remind me a lot of my momma's.
how similar is that bull head to the horse installation in this recent post?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


i'm always a bit excited to flick through rue mag and this latest issue did not disappoint (i may have to have another gander actually). here are a few images i enjoyed, starting with the lovely cover.

peacock chair? yes, please!
hong kong imagery- cannot wait to check this place out.
i need to get me some party shoes...
a girl i knew in high school made a cutlery mobile...i'll never forget it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


wish i could be there with you today! i love you to itty bitty pieces xoxo

all that glitters.

i'm a huge fan of sequins or anything a bit over the top and shimmery...and i am especially a fan of when people go above and beyond the call of duty, just because. today, this incredible sequined graffiti in Reykjavik, Iceland by Danish/Czech artist Theresa Himmer was brought to my attention. way to go the extra mile...i love these installations. would be so giddy to catch a glimmer of one in real life.

made me think of these super cool, 3D band's promotional posters; each taking over 35 hours to create. so good.

patiently waiting...

for latest issue of rue mag to go live sometime today. until is a forever favourite image of mine from a past rue issue. i love it (mostly the little bunny feet, of course).

Friday, July 22, 2011

beautiful image.

i was looking through a back issue of paperplane magazine and stumbled upon this breathtaking photo by Sydney photographer Hayley Anderson. i was so moved by this image of a little girl in Havana, Cuba happily playing with this old wheel, unaware of her place in the world or that someone was taking a brought tears to my eyes over lunch. oof.

_______ only happens when it's raining.

pouring actually (again). all night. all day.

feeling fruity.

i've been noticing lots of fruit inspired things (for lack of a better word...sorry!) around town lately.

my mom just scored these vintage fruity garden party lights on eBay today:

i noticed these shoes while on my online shopping frenzy this week (not really my bowl of fruit, but they are cute):

i think i'd like to try making this beauty of a cake today (yum!): best friend is the watermelon is this kooky fruity ukuladies band:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

danger bay.

these puppies are so good and so my size. so bad! it would almost be rude not to get them...but of course, i won't. some other xs gypsy caravan 70's rockstar wannabe get them- put me out of my misery!

rain, rain go away!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on the bandwagon.

everyone seems to be gushy about these dip-dyed paper cups this week. well, i am too! their colours have been made with natural plant pigments and the results are simply.stunning. momma...betcha' you could one up these somehow...

thanks, design sponge

back to ma' roots.

when i started this blog, i wanted to focus on the interiors of the humble home. i posted my mom's house (and here and here), my little sister's apartment and my aunt's place. this weekend at a couple friends' house for a bbq i went a bit snap happy again. their place is so cozy and treasure filled; complete with a new bundle of joy! i love how their space is decorated with mismatched hand-me-downs, vintage delights, natural ephemera and handmade heartful items. i felt right at home.

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