Friday, January 24, 2014

put a crown on it. 11.

the sunshiney season is well and truly pouring in down under, so what better time to introduce the next creation in the floral crown series (it has been awhile). i thought i would start with the marigold (french and african varieties by name, but both mexican in origin, who knew?) - a humble flower that seems to fly under the radar. there is nothing quite like the punchiness of their unique orangey, golden hue; the buds shone right through the summer haze, just like i was hoping they would (yay!). *side note: i reallllly wanted to make something with marigolds last november for day of the dead, but you would not believe how difficult they are to come by in Sydney. this crown was actually made up of about 10 different plants, all of which all now potted and thriving in the yard (…except for maybe one, ahem…), but seriously, there is no such thing as a bunch of marigolds in this crazy town. on my search i learned that the Spanish word for marigold is Caléndula and the Aztec word is Cempasúchil or they are simply referred to as Flor de Muertos- Flower of the Dead.

et voilà:

Photography: Fiona Galbraith Crown & Styling: Nicole Valentine Don


  1. You look stunning in these pics, Nik! The golden-orange marigolds were the perfect pick for a sunny summer day!

    1. Thanks Kathy!! i LOVE the colours too!! and i love hearing that you like the photos and crown xo

  2. You and Fiona have captured something very lovely and rare. You ask which crown is favorite. Each post has been a 'Wonder'! - this last is my personal favorite so far.


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