Monday, April 30, 2012

necklace revamp.

when i was last in Canada i bought this indian bone necklace...what i really wanted was a native breastplate, so yesterday, i reconstructed it. ta da:

i could take off the little tassely bits at the end...what do you think? it would look like this:

favourite movie couples.

here are some of mine. which are yours?

cory & a.j.- empire records:

annie hall & alvy singer- annie hall:

vada sultenfuss & thomas j.- my girl:
(how cute are they riding bikes together? and this is my favourite outfit of hers in the movie; those jeans, the thick belt and that hat).

'baby' & johnny castle- dirty dancing:

noah & allie- the notebook:

and most recently, majorly crushing on this couple.
jacob & hannah- crazy, stupid love:

Sunday, April 29, 2012

for the love of erin.

taking a moment with erin wasson. appreciate.

modern mermaids.

i found this image while flipping through a back issue of national geographic magazine. immediately i thought of my mermaid momma while falling for the organic beauty of this photo:

'A Japanese ama goes overboard in search of shellfish in the 1930s. For centuries these female free divers worked the country's coasts without much clothing, but that changed: "Except for a few older women, the ama of Hekura no longer dive semi-naked," wrote Luis Marden after visiting one group of divers. His July 1971 Geographic story, "Ama, Sea Nymphs of Japan," goes on to say, "The girls wore black leotards. Most others wore all-enveloping suits of black neoprene, the diver's wetsuit."
There aren't many ama left in Japan. Most who remain are middle-aged or older; divers sometimes work into their 80s. Today few young women care to take the plunge'.

—Margaret G. Zackowitz


eye spy a shibori bedspread in this hippie-riffic cross country caravan. love.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


these photos are immensely reminding me of my desire to visit japan during the sakura (cherry blossom) season. it looks like such a magical time. next year...? i wonder if i can do snow monkeys and sakura in the same trip...? thanks, hiki

Monday, April 23, 2012

delicious beverage you don't often find down under:

gifted from the one and only renee anne; it's a top from the eames museum:

i'm with the band:

all dressed up in my new favourite crushed velvet & silk kimono for a wedding last weekend. the clincher is my massive top bun; so proud:

my lyrical class is leaving me battered and bruised. and i like it:

multi-tasking. mid-week natural fabric dyeing/scrumptious lunch- hot,  buttered beets:

beach bunnies. we're not in sydney anymore here:

i was expecting more hippies in the much hyped byron bay, but i did go to the crystal shop (!) and see this handiwork on the beach:

my wrist candy, spyin' up the coast:

Thursday, April 19, 2012


my mind has just been blown by these amazing...(would you call them 3D collage?) works by Anne Ten Donkelaar. the artist herself calls these 'flower constructions'; collages with cutouts from flower pictures and pressed flowers. incredible. these are so delicate (i don't think my patience could handle doing this or if my hands could be ever be still enough) and the shadows created add further depth to the pieces. again, wow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

brutal hearts.

this is a sweet collaboration by coeur de pirate and an old favourite of mine -bedouin soundclash. turns out she and jay malinowski make lots of music together. youtube 'em.

coeur de pirate.

french canadian beauty of a wunderkid. i have a girl crush.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

heavy load?

this photo is further inspiring me to get to India someday soon. i love the unconventional (or conventional, i suppose depending on how you look at it) means of moving items from place to place. makes for a great photo!

it reminded me of this guy that my cousin and i saw in mexico who was strapping an epic piƱata on the top of his sedan. so good.

old mexican tiles.

momma! this is totally what you're after for your kitchen, right? i only found the picture...i don't know where you can get them...

Friday, April 13, 2012

bless this mess.

okay, no more apologising for untidy quarters...there's a new sheriff in town ;)

this is for renee anne.

unicorns and alchemy.

i went to the opening of artist Miranda Skoczek's sydney show last night and was blown away. my favourite pieces were her incredible punchy mixed media collage works (naturally) which were all sold by the time i arrived...i guess i wasn't the only admirer. there aren't many images of these paper pieces on her website, but her large scale vibrant, lively paintings are statement making as well. check out her gallery to see what her latest collection is all about. oh, annnnddddd she was a such a lovely person. she took some time out to talk to me and my two girlfriends and she was just so honest and fun. wish i had stayed out for the after festivities!

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