Friday, January 7, 2011

hangin' around this town.

i grew up in the cathedral area of regina, saskatchewan- smack dab in middle of the canadian prairies.  this summer i went for a walk around my old 'hood and goodness how great are all of these character homes?  every single house is completely unique, it's so fun to go for a walk around the block- it's like people watching or looking at snowflakes (no two are the same).

i love this one with it's pale yellow paint job and ample front porch.  i'm always getting sideways glances from my bf for my love of the 'sookie stackhouse's grandma aesthetic'- hmmph.
i also love this place, how you can look into their porch area- so revealing, yet still curious and humble.

and look at the care and homemade detailing!

this was home for me until i was eight.  the yard was much more sparse when we were here- you can barely see the house now!  wow.

this is the house i lived in until we moved to ontario when i was 10 and a half.  loved it.  my favourite was the circular window and the milk chute.

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