Monday, January 30, 2012

body beautiful.

something about this project i found very intriguing, beguiling, ne sais quoi?


just drifted away this morning on this blog. i have always wanted to stay in a proper log cabin in the snow somewhere and drink hot chocolate with bailey's in front of the fire...on the bear skin rug, etc. so naturally i was drawn to those types of retreats. check out more free cabin porn for yourself ;)

this one is in Japan:

this one is in Siberia(!):

*sidenote: treehouse in brooklyn. wha!?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

this week in review

i inadvertently got gel nails in mexico (guess my spanish communication skills have diminished...). si chica!

ok, seriously- my mom made this oversized clutch out of an old rug!!! we saw something similar (but not as amazing, naturally) at anthropologie over the holidays and wham, bam, there you go :)

ma' loot!!!  so, i went a little crazy...

by the time i got home, hall & oates' domain was in need of a serious cleaning. et voila- happy fish :)

new favourite wall additions being la dangly skeleton and gumby and pokey(!!!!).

at the markets in La Roma, i scored some beautiful vintage mexican tarot cards (annnndddd flash cards. not pictured):

testing out the new goodie. el bandalon i lugged home for mi amor:

my little mexican jumping bean nephew:

i wanted a super cool voodoo feather stick (that's what i call them) like the ones i saw at the museum of anthropology in mexico city so badly, that when i returned home empty handed...i made one myself:

at work the other morning, this little kitty was holding down the fort:

later that same cool is this shot?!:

the confetti all over the old hardwood floors totally reminded me of almost i pretended i was penny lane for awhile :)

my sake bottle and 'glasses' from japan, because who hasn't seen lost in translation?!!:

this amazing choker was a christmas gift from couple friends who spent the holidays in india. i feel like a Rajasthani princess:
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Friday, January 27, 2012

the walls of mexico city.

i'm finding it very difficult to filter through the thousands (literally) of photos my cousin and i took in mexico city. i'd like to make a nice, incredibly condensed version for a post...and i will, it's just taking a little longer than expected. here is my lazy way to start things off- with the beautiful, coloured, tiled and embellished walls of mexico, DF. we decided to get photos in front of our favourites :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


i was scrolling through my good friend tiffany wollman's blog yesterday and found so many little treats that i wanted to share with you. her art and design talents are so diverse, you should really check out more for yourself too!

first of all i looovvvveeeedddd her confetti system-esque garland she made out of old grocery bags (!). makes me wish i had handmade the ones i spent tons of money on used for my birthday...

then...i thought these glowing lilies were stunning:

i love how this typography project turned out:

and this line drawing of her kitchen made me smile (and also reminded me of my own interior illustrations, that are hardly comparable in quality, but still...):

next will be to show you the amazing and colourful pieces i picked up from her sunshine property collection and am so stoked to have in my home!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

arrow'chu amazing :)

the tour of piper perabo's home that jenny just introduced to me is so cozy and cute. the best part of her decor is the amazing collection of arrows she showcases casually in a vase...not dissimilar to the pointed wonders i was recently lusting after (but didn't get) in my home and native land (Canada).

oh yeah...the fireplace is a goodie too. envy.

fruity DIY.

this do-it-yourself satsuma candle from honestly WTF is amazing! i wish i had discovered/invented it myself! ...can i even find this type of orange in australia?

check out the tutorial and make your own, here.

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