Monday, January 30, 2012


just drifted away this morning on this blog. i have always wanted to stay in a proper log cabin in the snow somewhere and drink hot chocolate with bailey's in front of the fire...on the bear skin rug, etc. so naturally i was drawn to those types of retreats. check out more free cabin porn for yourself ;)

this one is in Japan:

this one is in Siberia(!):

*sidenote: treehouse in brooklyn. wha!?


  1. Love it! We stayed in a cabin in the Snowy Mountains just last week (did a post on my blog if you wanted a looksee) and they had loads of books on cabins. I got a little bit obsessed I must say. This has fed my hunger...thank you!

  2. ooh, i will check out your post for sure. i just got home and already i'm itching for another getaway ;)


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