Saturday, January 28, 2012

this week in review

i inadvertently got gel nails in mexico (guess my spanish communication skills have diminished...). si chica!

ok, seriously- my mom made this oversized clutch out of an old rug!!! we saw something similar (but not as amazing, naturally) at anthropologie over the holidays and wham, bam, there you go :)

ma' loot!!!  so, i went a little crazy...

by the time i got home, hall & oates' domain was in need of a serious cleaning. et voila- happy fish :)

new favourite wall additions being la dangly skeleton and gumby and pokey(!!!!).

at the markets in La Roma, i scored some beautiful vintage mexican tarot cards (annnndddd flash cards. not pictured):

testing out the new goodie. el bandalon i lugged home for mi amor:

my little mexican jumping bean nephew:

i wanted a super cool voodoo feather stick (that's what i call them) like the ones i saw at the museum of anthropology in mexico city so badly, that when i returned home empty handed...i made one myself:

at work the other morning, this little kitty was holding down the fort:

later that same cool is this shot?!:

the confetti all over the old hardwood floors totally reminded me of almost i pretended i was penny lane for awhile :)

my sake bottle and 'glasses' from japan, because who hasn't seen lost in translation?!!:

this amazing choker was a christmas gift from couple friends who spent the holidays in india. i feel like a Rajasthani princess:
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