Monday, February 28, 2011

the red carpet!

i'm not an uber fashionista or anything, but i am looking forward to seeing 'everyone' at the oscars tonight (today actually). i mostly just get excited to see who wins and hear their speeches or to watch super fancy celebs deliver the lists of nominees (and sometimes find out things like that gabriel garcia bernal has an almost distinguished british accent- who knew?!). and yes, of course- the dresses, the dresses!! i've pulled some images from google of what i loved from last year and a couple of gowns from the past that have been etched in my memory...though may not be from an oscar night. maybe tomorrow i can post my favourites from today?

oscar 2010 loves:
my favourite actress- hope she wins!
this was over the top and gorgeous! and fun :)

from previous oscars:
i don't think i could ever forget this chartreuse, fur trimmed (!!?) number circa 2000.

this has got to be an ultimate favourite!! michelle williams just keeps getting better and here she is a loved up ray of sunshine. kapow!

poor kate, i think i was the only one who liked this get-up. i'm pretty sure everyone was expecting something a little more 'penny lane', but i thought she looked kooky and adorable- love the tassles and the ringlets. cute!

why so many kate hudson references? i must like what she wears. love this cavalli stunner.

came across this while i was googling. 'tis very understated and elegant- would probably stand out amongst all the glitter.

this is my forever favourite (and the reason i started searching award show gowns in the first place). i have always adored this balmain beauty. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011


i found this today and thought it was fitting given the night i had as a 'waitress' last night. all in all i had a fine night, but there was one couple of women that i served who decided at some point along the way that they didn't like me (??). when i brought them their bill and they paid, i said 'thank you' acknowledgment...'thank you' again (a bit louder, big smile)...nothing. so then i said 'no worries' with the biggest smile i could muster and of course...nothing. how ridiculous!!

i don't agree wholeheartedly with this statement, but i do think it's funny:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

sticks, stones and bones.

last night i went to the first workshop at the society inc. the focus was on styling with sticks, stones and bones (Sibella's staples), though we did at times stray...(which was great). it ended up being a very intimate story swapping and question and answer hour (2 actually) with some design savvy women. i was certainly not disappointed. i truly learned a lot! only problem now being that i feel quite overwhelmed by her wealth of knowledge (and some of the other women's that were there) that i'm a bit put back in my place at the moment. the ease with which she makes beautiful arrangements and finds unique solutions to 'impossible' design questions was just...whoaaa...inspiring.

this was the mantle display she arranged for us:

her Annawili Highfield owl paper sculpture looming- wow. i contacted Annawili's people last year and they won't be getting back to me in regards to an order until this june!  busy lady!! all the more time to save i suppose.

letting myself out:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i wanna' tiptoe through the cacti...
Kirsten Dunst for the Band of Outsiders lookbook found via shoebox apartment living


my new friend nick hudson takes beautiful photographs. he's also skilled at the art of conversation, is very attentive and i'm quite positive that he is extremely grateful that he never actually lost his wallet!
check out his work, here. personally, i'm still in awe of what he can do with an iphone- whoaaaaaa. i love the colours in these two shots.

photos via nick hudson

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i just can't help myself.

because i met you last night...what could be a more perfect reason to post your amazing interior shoot for the selby?
erin wasson's manhattan apartment is sooo cozy, laid-back and cool. i dig it. she's a girl with great taste. i also have last summer's issue of blast magazine from france with a great editorial shot at what must be her california home (i really should scan and put it up). it's tres enviable as well, pale easter yellow exterior complete with a big ol' porch- my favourite.

she's got a staghorn type plant maybe it can be done? though, i thought they needed sun and heaps of water.

bean- you had that 'i was gasping for contact' up in your room, remember?

 above images via the selby

Monday, February 21, 2011

looks good to me.

love this.

hello sandwich.

this girl is living in tokyo (in the super great area of shimokitazawa) and doing cool things- my dream life! i've been going to her hello sandwich site for awhile, mostly due to my affinity for all things japanese or japan related. i was surprised earlier last week when i saw a feature at the back of the newest vogue living australia that this blogger used to be a graphic designer for the magazine. at the moment to me, she's got it going on. in some ways i wish i had the guts/reason to move to tokyo too. i love it, i love it, i love it.

here is her feature in this goodie* below.

*i actually bought a copy of this because i heard through the grapevine that sibella court styled (and wrote) a beautiful editorial piece for it. omg, do i do things like that now? i feel like i'm in elementary school buying teenbeat because taylor hanson is on the front or something! ha! somebody has a design crush.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

scrub a dub dub.

an ode to the tub:

 above images via ffffound

hey, me too!(2).

when i ffffound this image i was immediately pleased that someone else thought that a bench was as good as a shoe shelf for storage too.  i love it!
and chez moi:

Friday, February 18, 2011

okay, seriously?

the wide open space, the plants galore and the windows, the windows, the windows!! i want something like these for my dream home.

from pacha design found via a desert fete

the dreamers.

remember this Bertolucci film and the big, amazing house the three of them lived in? and never cleaned up. they just let it fall by the wayside- watching the interior degrade in the film was like 'stop, you're ruining it'. oof. i did love watching the background though (i enjoy a lot of movies for that reason!).

the best was the bathroom- the old clawfoot tub and check out that mirror!
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