Thursday, February 10, 2011

i heart naoshima.

it was a bit of a mission to get the small fishing island of naoshima, but it did not disappoint. this small island has become a home to three main contemporary art museums, Art House Projects as well as installations and sculpture widespread throughout the area. walking (or cycling) around the island for a day is simply awe inspiring and at times- breathtaking.  the Chichu Art Museum had to be a highlight, with the Monet room being completely indescribable through words alone. the capacity of the experience is something that goes beyond seeing what's infront of you. the aura of Claude Monet's lily paintings combined with the space are all encompassing- it was actually emotional. also, the James Turell piece was like 'blow your mind' incredible and again, needs to be experienced, it goes beyond description.
i also looooved seeing some original goodies at the Benesse House Museum- one of David Hockney's 'Swimming Pool' paintings and Andy Warhol's 'Flowers' totally did it for me.
beyond that, the one thing i absolutely had to see was Yayoi Kusama's 'Yellow Pumpkin' sculpture. as you can see, we spent a bit of time with it!
anyway, japan on the whole was the most inspiring, interesting place i have been thus far (and i've been around). if you're planning on going, a day trip to naoshima should not be overlooked. dig it.

these are the muted colours i expected to see in japan (and did- everywhere). especially that pastel green. they love it, i love it.

this pseudo shrine was gorgeous. all along it were seashells, leaves and pieces of driftwood that i think visitors were encouraged to add to. or in my case...take away (just a baby pine cone :)
the gardens everywhere in japan were impeccable.

we talked for awhile with one of the artists at an art house project who explained why most of the buildings on the island had this charred look to their wood walls. basically, before building they burn the wood which gives it an oily charcoal coating and then ends up naturally protecting it from salt water damage. pretty cool. and simply, beautiful in person.

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