Monday, February 28, 2011

the red carpet!

i'm not an uber fashionista or anything, but i am looking forward to seeing 'everyone' at the oscars tonight (today actually). i mostly just get excited to see who wins and hear their speeches or to watch super fancy celebs deliver the lists of nominees (and sometimes find out things like that gabriel garcia bernal has an almost distinguished british accent- who knew?!). and yes, of course- the dresses, the dresses!! i've pulled some images from google of what i loved from last year and a couple of gowns from the past that have been etched in my memory...though may not be from an oscar night. maybe tomorrow i can post my favourites from today?

oscar 2010 loves:
my favourite actress- hope she wins!
this was over the top and gorgeous! and fun :)

from previous oscars:
i don't think i could ever forget this chartreuse, fur trimmed (!!?) number circa 2000.

this has got to be an ultimate favourite!! michelle williams just keeps getting better and here she is a loved up ray of sunshine. kapow!

poor kate, i think i was the only one who liked this get-up. i'm pretty sure everyone was expecting something a little more 'penny lane', but i thought she looked kooky and adorable- love the tassles and the ringlets. cute!

why so many kate hudson references? i must like what she wears. love this cavalli stunner.

came across this while i was googling. 'tis very understated and elegant- would probably stand out amongst all the glitter.

this is my forever favourite (and the reason i started searching award show gowns in the first place). i have always adored this balmain beauty. 

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