Friday, February 4, 2011

can't beat the heat.

i'm trying to keep my cool by not complaining too much in regards to this heatwave we're experiencing in sydney at the moment. also trying to stay cool, so i made a childhood favourite today of homemade iced tea. it reminds me of being in grade 4 and going across to the house i had lunch at everyday, but i like to pretend that i'm on a big ol' porch in alabama or louisiana, sitting in a rocking chair, sipping on a nice cold glass of iced tea (or lemonade or pimms or whisky? i think they like that in the movies. no, gin and tonic!)- all with a southern drawl.

here's how you can make it too:

4 cups boiling water
7 bags of black tea (try blueberry or earl grey for something exciting)- i use 7 tsp. of black tea leaves
steep for 15-20 minutes
remove bags and add 2/3 cup sugar to taste.  *note: i don't like mine as sweet and have started to use only 1/2 cup of sugar. both have played to mixed reviews- my friend had a glass of the first batch i made and exclaimed that it tasted 'just like lipton's', but when i told her there was 2/3 cup of sugar it in, i think she may have wanted to spit it out. thennnn, when i made it with only 1/2 a cup, that friend actually asked if i had any sugar to add to it.  so, to each their own. play around with it.
1/2 cup lemon juice to taste
4 cups of cold water
mix well


p.s. you'll have to mix it with a wooden spoon everytime you want some because the lemon and sugar settle a bit.  also, remember if you're making it in a glass pitcher, to put a metal spoon in the container before you pour in the boiling water to displace the heat and not end up with a big crack- thanks mom :)

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