Thursday, September 18, 2014

I heart Nice.

Nice was more than nice.  It took me a couple of visits to get into its groove, but when I did - it was L O V E.  I found it a bit hard to figure out at first; it seems really ritzy and grand, but I was looking for a bit of soul. That is what I stumbled upon along the Cours Saleya on a Monday- the antiques market of Nice- ooh la la. If you're into treasure hunting, you could spend all day at these...I wish I had!  Bascially anything you could ever imagine to find, you will probably come across at these vast markets. The worst part is that most of the objects I wanted were large furniture items, which you have to just admire and not take home. The best part about these markets stalls
were that the stall holders would get together and dine for lunch- it was so French it wasn't even funny! There was a couple feasting at lunch on lobster and a bottle of rosé; this made my heart sing a little. Aside from the markets (which are fruit and veggies throughout the rest of the week in this same spot), there are so many things to do and see in Nice- it's actually quite a large, vibrant city. I would definitely make a day at the seemingly endless beach where the water is a spectacular crystal blue. Visit a few museums and treat yourself to a few evenings of dining and drinks.

Do: Walk along the promenade and spend half the day the beach.  Park yourself at Castel plage and enjoy a glass of rosé.

See: The Matisse Museum in Nice Nord- stepping into Matisse's old studio turned museum is an uncanny experience, worth the visit alone.

Eat: Anywhere in the Old Town is full of restaurants that won't disappoint.  Try Bistrot D'Antoine for ridiculously good French food.  *note: booking ahead is essential in most restaurants in France.

Drink: Anywhere along the Rue de la Prefecture is great for an aperitif and people watching.

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