Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a couple weeks behind, but it's been great. i even went to the zoo!

a childhood favourite snack- avocado with vinegar and garlic in the middle:

a bird's nest ring i made, complete with black pearl eggs:

a vintage notebook that was given to me:

testing out an avocado smoothie (yum!):

this one is banana and peanut butter, an old favourite:

a snow globe anniversary gift spelling out my greatest wish:

baby thomas!!!:

yet another reason why i love japan; this pink heart that lights up when you put it in the bathtub:

perfection, minus the lobster dinner:

you might find this below photo adorable...and so do i...when they're not driving me bonkers!:

perks of doing a little kid's birthday party at the gym:

 lion at the zoo, roar:

my powerful owl, about to send a letter to Dumbledore ;)

cutest giraffe i ever did see:

good friday mimosa:

best bike ever. wish Gorman had made more than ten:

and for good measure, here is a photo that my friend took last week in my kitchen:

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