Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WAR IS OVER if you want it.

if you're in Sydney, the Yoko Ono exhibition at the MCA is not to be missed. i loved learning about Yoko (she must be one of the only artists you can refer to by their first name…or at least i do?!) and the fluxus movement in university. this interactive art experience did not disappoint; my mind has been tick, tick, ticking ever since. my favourites were 'Cut Piece' 1965 & 2003 films that were looping simultaneously on two white walls, 'Mend Piece' that encourages visitors to put together broken objects with heartbreakingly beautiful results,  and 'We're all Water'; an endless row of glass bottles full of water, labelled with the names of passed historical figures struck a surprisingly sensitive chord with me.  i also loved the emotive memory wall 'My Mommy is Beautiful', which i happily added to. can you see which one is mine?

*i also bought a cheeky little something in the gift shop…can't wait to share!

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