Monday, June 27, 2011

what's on the outside, inside the box.

a huge reason why i loooovvvveeee movies sometimes is because of the interiors. i'll watch an entire movie's background and would not be able to give you a synopsis afterwards but could still wholeheartedly say that i adored the film. my favourites (film and television) include: the edge of love (swoon city), beaches (bette midler's- see, i don't even know her character's name- boho bedroom/studio apartment), sex and the city (mostly carrie's apartment pre-makeover) and friends (i love, love, love friends for furniture, fashion and funniness...totally ahead of its time, i do believe). oh, and i was also a huge sucker for the humphrey's loft in gossip girl, a space that was completely catered to people like me thinking 'ooh it's so raw and artsy and it's in brooklyn and look at those entry doors and blah, blah'. and really, it's full of incredible artwork and ultra expensive designer furniture, while the real estate alone would be through the roof. yeah, the humphrey's are really doing it tough out there...right. anyway...what about you? any forever stand-out favourites?

the edge of love:

breakfast at tiffany's:

gossip girl:

sex and the city:

see? carrie's bedroom post-makeover is just a bit too polished for my loving.

friends (favourite!!):

 above images found on a googlefest

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