Monday, May 7, 2012

i have had an adventurous past couple of weeks. the most interesting bit being when i drove further into the countryside than i ever have in my whole life to visit my friend who became a nunremember her? my mind is still reeling from it all...

i literally had to do my own cattle drive, to get to the monastery. it was funny when Aleks drove the car and people were so impressed by a 'surfing nun'. ha!

my kind of thrift store shopping. you have to drive very far from home to find this in oz:

 country scenery:

my little tom tom helping auntie make pom poms ;)

mini succulents:

typing up tags for my project (will tell you more soon):

the first cut is the deepest. also, for an upcoming project you will hear about soon:

all dressed up for the shibori book launch:

it was so good to come home to reality bites. a forever favourite. 90's hair inspo galore:

a beautiful baby pink chenille blanket found for 2 dollars:

my newest succulent addition, hanging out in my living room:

the super full moon last night:

another favourite(!):

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