Friday, July 1, 2011

you're just not that into me.

okay, so another design sponge 'before and after' day has come and gone...and again they don't want/need to feature my project (yes, i know they must get hundreds of submissions...and i still love them). hmmmph. wellll...i found this floor lamp with gorgeous, albeit stained and an offensive mustardy colour shade at a thrift store the other week.  i dyed the tassels black (they ended up a dark grey) and painted the stand and shade in chalkboard paint. i thought it would be fun to write cheeky messages on it and turn it around when the mood takes me. it may not be for everyone :::ahem::: however...i. love. lamp :)

comments please!

1 comment:

  1. Hello my dear! So glad that I finally clicked my way here via the FB. I LOVE your corner of the internet and I'll be back!

    PS - I spent an absurd amount of time looking through your old posts...and the green apple lamp is the most amazing thing. Ever.


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