Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i like cats?

tee hee.  i love saying that title really quickly because it ends up being hard to decipher whether you're saying 'i like cats' or 'i like hats'. either way, makes me giggle. ha!

i have never been a cat lover, but have been more curious about what it might be like to have a furry friend around lately (i would definitely want the fluffy kind with the cute, smooshed face).

ooorrrrrr/(annnndddd) i could start with this series of three warhol prints- i'm in to them too.

although my favourite andy warhol screenprints are his flowers (which i loved seeing up close and personal in naoshima, japan). any one or combo of two below could be make a wall in my home happy :)

this one looks good in the manhattan home of michael stipe (lead singer of REM). it must be an original and i do believe he was friends with warhol. love the lo-fi magazine organizing labels as well ;)

1 comment:

  1. Such fabulous felines, I adore the use of colour in these prints


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