Monday, September 12, 2011

china squirrel.

a couple of weeks ago i was having one of those hideous days where nothing seems to be going right. i was driving around town picking up beautiful props for a shoot, but it just couldn't be easy for me. when i thought all was lost and that i may have to pull over and have a little cry, i stopped in at china squirrel- the most colourful, jam-packed, awe inspiring prop hire joint you have ever seen; aka. heaven to me. the lovely shop owner, vicky, turned my frown upside down. i was especially happy to see colour-coded shelves that reminded me exactly of what my bedroom shelves in high school looked like...i used to take such care of organizing them. honestly, if i can find a photo of them back in the day (and for you, i will try), these are the spitting image:

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