Saturday, September 17, 2011

i heart nara.

back when i posting up a storm on my trip to japan, i cannot believe i left out the picturesque nara, just outside of kyoto. oh deer!

nara is a small city with many ancient temples and ruins, including a very large, incredible temple in an amazing park that is ruled by thousands of deer. they are wild essentially, but relatively tame. legend has it that a mythological god arrived in nara (the once ancient capital of japan) on a white deer and since then the deer have been regarded as heavenly creatures, guarding and protecting the city and its people. it was certainly a heavenly experience to me. Bambis everywhere. and this is the place i had green tea soft serve ice cream three times in one day...been craving it ever since.

one of these guys bit my bum, hard!

poor old blind deer:
dig the colours. i'm so glad we went in november:
the temple which houses a gigantic wooden buddha:

a photo of a photo of the temple years ago:

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