Monday, June 18, 2012

the instawe.ek in review:

little nicki sent off the first package from the shop to california!

colourful cowboy boots to the post office:

showing off my courtney presber collage:

finishing touches to the guest room; we have company all week:

my yummy canadian honey is super crystallised (i like it that way) and almost gone. it reminds me of my abuela:

a lovely cup of tea:

some of my favourite mexican loteria cards up close:

if i could be a drawing, this would be it:

okay, so these girls are incredibly cute...i always forget when they are driving me BoNkErS!

wearing short shorts, pretending it was summer:

inukushuks- my favourite- at bondi:

watching a little girl i coach, compete. i was in the stands and for the first time felt really sorry for my parents having to sit through so many of these...

an oldie, but goodie. another ridiculous family photo for good measure. happy father's day again to my dad- the pothead:

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