Friday, June 15, 2012

ojos de dios.

a little bit about what it is that i have been making for my shoplittle nicki.  the majority of my handmade items at the moment were inspired by a very memorable trip to Mexico City. namely the Museum of Anthropology- hands down, the best museum i have ever been to. the vastness of their ancient collection, the richness in colour, texture and culture; the whole experience was mind blowing. my favourite items in the entire place that i kept seeing over and over (yet, could not find in any shop or market, of course) were these amazing feather sticks with ojos de dios (God's eyes) attached. i've made some of my own interpretations which i refer to as mexican voodoo feather sticks; i have one hanging in my bedroom window at home as a pseudo dreamcatcher. i cannot seem to find any information about them specifically online, though i dare guess that they were traditionally made by the Huichol Indians of Mexico and are some sort of spiritual object (a version of their ojos de dios). here is what i know about the ojos de dios:

they are a ritual tool, magical object and cultural symbol of the Huichol Indians of Jalisco, Mexico. traditionally they were made when a child is born and would be added to each year for the first five years of a child's life. they are believed to heal and protect and were made to ensure children a fruitful and happy life. the ojos de dios hold the power to see and understand the mysterious unknown and unknowable.

i like that children often wore them in their hair...for this i might start making some hair pin ones (?!). personally, when i see them i think of hippies, camper vans, spiritual awakening, free love...that whole 60's/70's vibe. to me, they are the new dreamcatcher. get onto it.

the best part about them is that they can be as simple or as complex as you want, with no option lacking in beauty. as a decoration, the possibilities are totally inspiring & endless...

from the museum of anthropology in mexico city:

looks like they do this version of dream catchers too.

my interpretive creations available at little nicki:

ojos de dios out in the world:

something to aspire to?!

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