Monday, June 25, 2012

the instawe.ek in review

thrift store finds:

i found the perfect place to practice my monologue without anyone hearing me:

my favourite tiffany wollman piece:

and the cacti print she saved just for me:

a bouquet of goodies from the shop:

my last night at NIDA:

inspiration wall; out and about:

the morning after celebrations refresher:

i finally put circus lights up in my hallway:

my floral crown in the circus light glow:

my weekend outfit. call me penny lane:

delicious iced green tea latte and sushi:

my favourite little baby boy trying to tell stories with his new sounds:

yes, i was in the presence of this immaculate indian headdress yesterday. le sigh:

pretty rainbow tea lights:

beautiful collection of rocks in rock on rock:

the orange rooftop flowers- oof:

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