Friday, October 7, 2011

a country picnic.

remember the wedding i went to the other weekend in the lush, beautiful hunter valley wine region??  well, here are some photos that i promised! i should note that this wedding was the best, most relaxed perfectly planned and curated one that i have ever been to.  the theme was a country picnic and when we were all spread out on the hillside on our plaid blankets, with baskets of fresh linens and cutlery, eating an italian antipasti feast while sipping champagne...and then the dixieland jazz band started playing their 1920's steel instruments on the wrap around porch???!!? i almost died.

*note: i have consciously not included many photos of the bride and groom (who both looked super sharp i might add. it does help that the bride is gorgeous and a designer for sass and bide who designed her own dress!)...i just thought maybe that was getting a bit too personal. you can steal a proper peek of their day in the next special wedding issue of australian Harper's Bazaar. yes, that's really how good it was!

yes, that is a terracotta coloured pool and yes, that is a wall of lavender surrounding it. wow.

shiny happy people everywhere!


  1. i KNOW, right?! incredible attention to detail, best weather...and you didn't even really see the dress and veil (a la kate moss)...amazing. i'm definitely getting the Harper's when it comes out :)


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