Sunday, October 2, 2011

sore muscles.

when i'm not drooling over interiors images in magazines, books and online. or assisting super star sydney stylists. or getting crafty at home...i can be found choreographing competitive level gymnast's floor routines. i usually always get severe creative block and stress about going in and even starting the routine with the girl and it always ends up being a positive experience and the final result is often better than the one before. it's amazing what happens when you push yourself. such a small, simple lesson that i learn time and again. the other lesson i learn is that i'm not as fit and agile as i used to be and i always end up showing girls what i want them to do, rather than explaining verbally...pulling muscles in the process. ha. this weekend, i'm sore from a session on friday, but it's that good kind of sore. ahhhh. it almost makes me want to take a dance class and feel like this on a more regular basis.

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